Guidelines for Tooth Slooth Fracture Detector (white) and Tooth Slooth II-Crown Seater (blue)



Rinse Tooth Slooth under running water or use a mild detergent to remove any debris. 


Place Tooth Slooth inside a sterilization pouch.  



CYCLE                         TEMPERATURE                           TIME                           DRY TIME

Prevac                         270ºF/132ºC                              4 minutes                   *1-30 minutes

Gravity                        270ºF/132ºC                              10 minutes                  *1-30 minutes 

*Dry time not to exceed 30 minutes

Note: Dry heat setting is NOT recommended as it will cause the instruments to melt.


To dry, use the recommended drying time for the sterilizer.


Instruments to remain bagged until ready for use.


Use cleaning and sterilization process that meet ADA and CDC guidelines. Due to the variety of makes and models of sterilizers, the recommended settings may not be applicable.  It may be necessary to refer to your specific brand of sterilizer for the recommended time and temperature setting for plastics (polypropylene).