Tooth Slooth ®Tongue Cleaner


  • Removes plaque from the tongue which causes bad breath
  • Helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • Cleans and refreshes taste buds
  • Helps to remove mouth odors caused by smoking
  • Eliminates food odors caused by garlic, coffee, etc.
  • Helps remove tongue film caused by certain medications



  • Textured surface to apply toothpaste to the tongue surface
  • Textured surface also breaks up the plaque and food particles on the tongue
  • Medium scraper (for standard mouth size)
  • Small scraper (for rear of tongue or small mouths)
  • Serrated edge to loosen heavy plaque build-up
  • Durable white plastic








Available in 24 pack – (#30024)

and 72 pack – (#30072)

Color: mixed


Sold through dental dealers in the US and Canada



Charlotte Turner

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