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The “original” Tooth Slooth Fracture Detector.

Small dimple or indentation allows cusp-to-cusp testing to help diagnose fractured teeth.


Tooth Slooth II-Crown Seater

Dual purpose — For cementation use and for use in diagnosing fractured teeth in small mouths.


Tooth Slooth Tongue Cleaner

This double-ended tongue cleaner has multi-cleaning surfaces. LEAVES MOUTH FRESH AND CLEAN!


“Squeeze It”

No more toothpaste waste. Great for adults, kids or promotional give-aways.


Sword Floss®

The “alternative” to string floss. Individually packaged for the professional office.


Patient Education Brochure:

“Cracked Teeth — How Do We Get Them? — How Do We Treat Them?”

Keep patients informed. Cracked teeth are common in any dental practice.


Patient Education Brochure:

“Bad Breath and Oral Hygiene of the Tongue”

Patients learn how “bad breath” can be prevented by simply cleaning the tongue.

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