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Tooth Slooth Tongue Cleaner

Leaves mouth feeling fresh and clean!

Multiple cleaning features work effectively to remove plaque from the tongue surface. Adapts to any mouth size and prevents the "gag" reflex.



  • Textured surface to apply toothpaste to the tongue surface
  • Textured surface also breaks up the plaque and food particles on the tongue
  • Medium scraper (for standard mouth size)
  • Small scraper (for rear of tongue or small mouths)
  • Serrated edge to loosen heavy plaque build-up
  • Durable white plastic


  • Removes plaque from the tongue which causes bad breath
  • Helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease
  • Cleans taste buds
  • Helps to remove mouth odors caused by smoking
  • Eliminates food odors caused by garlic, coffee, etc.
  • Helps remove tongue film caused by certain medications
  • Leaves mouth feeling clean all day!

Packaging quantities for the dental professional:

  • Box of 24
  • Box of 72

Available through your dental dealer.

Consumers may purchase directly on this website.
See order form or call 800 350-3705



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