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Most Bad Breath Can Be Prevented.

Tongue cleaning devices have been used by different cultures for centuries. Yet today, tongue cleaning is still not thought of as part of one's daily oral hygiene regimen, like brushing and flossing. Recent studies have shown there is a direct relationship between plaque on the tongue and mouth odor or "bad breath." What most people don’t know is bad breath may be prevented or cured by simply cleaning the tongue surface.    

Many patients are unaware of the importance of keeping a clean tongue and some do not brush their tongue due to the "gag reflex" caused by a toothbrush.

This pamphlet answers these important questions: Why Do I Need To Clean My Tongue? Who Can Benefit From Using A Tongue Cleaner? This informative brochure also addresses the difference between brushing the tongue with a toothbrush and using a tongue cleaner.


Available in quantities of 100.

Available through dental dealers or call (800) 350-3705.


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