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The “original” Tooth Slooth Fracture Detector.

A proven time saver in diagnosing “cracked teeth syndrome.”


Tooth Slooth II-Crown Seater

Two-ended instrument for multi-dental tasks.


Tooth Slooth Tongue Cleaner

Gives patients the confidence of fresh breath and promotes good oral hygiene.


“Squeeze It”

A toothpaste extraction device and toothbrush holder.


Sword Floss®

A flosser and pick “all in one.“


Patient Education Brochure:

“Cracked Teeth — How Do We Get Them? How Do We Treat Them?”

Gives patients easy-to-understand information about cracked teeth.


Patient Education Brochure:

“Bad Breath and Oral Hygiene of the Tongue”

Help your patients understand how and why a clean tongue contributes to good oral health.

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